Greg’s Interview with Red

I sat down with Red of Momma’s Money Matters and chatted about my writing. Below is an excerpt of our conversation. Visit Red’s site to read the rest of the interview.

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“Red was pulling gingerbread zombies out of the oven when she was sure she heard grunting and growling in the café. When she rounded the counter, she knew immediately to grab two cuppa and head over to the booth where Dr. Ellis was trying to wrangle a Frankenstein behind a table, putting the patrons patiently awaiting an autograph out of the monster’s reach.

GHE: It’s hard to imagine Zeus and Hera getting along.

M3: I cannot imagine it either. Should the M3 Readers care about your day job?

GHE: Are you asking because you compassionately shudder at the image of a starving pathologist with a sign at a busy intersection that reads, “Will Cut Up Dead People for Food?” Or are you suggesting it’s important that my readers know I’m not a full time psychotherapist and more of a regular guy who’s been cooked in the oven of personal turmoil?”

Find out who is really asking the questions in Red’s interview of author GH Ellis on The M3 Blog.


Hell, Jack Sparrow, and Mid-life Crises

Victor Frankenstein acquires the power to revitalize dead tissue, which does not resurrect the dead person, but creates a monster. His compelling psychological drive is the death of his mother when Victor is seventeen. Victor is like any man: in order to live vivaciously, he must do his death work.

Death work is comprised of accepting one’s mortality, relinquishing the powers that dead ancestors hold, and resurrecting the “underworld” psychic personalities into consciousness.

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Heal the monster within you

Chapters 1-2 Questions for healing the monster

inner monster, psycheThe INNER MONSTER is that libidinous potential of retribution from the unlived parts of the psyche festering in the soul of every man. It lashes out at the worst of times often against one’s family and colleagues. Gaining a conscious awareness of the monster and making room for those unlived parts in one’s life is essential. Doing so will transform the monster’s damage potential into a source of soulful joy.

Re-Membering Frankenstein is a book specifically designed to facilitate the work of monster transformation. The text explains Victor Frankenstein’s monster development to initiate the reader’s reflection on the source of his own monster. The deep work is decoding the structure and origin of one’s personal monster. This work is accelerated by an array of questions to assist the probe of a man’s psyche. Continue reading


Bored in retirement?

Victor Frankenstein, the protagonist in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, exhibited a litany of discomfort including boredom, fear, irritation, meaninglessness, and despair. His symptoms of discomfort mirrored those of many modern men such as antsiness, compulsivity, mania, reclusiveness, irritation, vengeance, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation.

philosophy, whyAt age nineteen, longing for education and worldly enterprise and hanging about his father’s home in Geneva bores Victor Frankenstein. Boredom is a message from one’s ignored inner personalities of psychic potential that one’s current sensory input is insufficient. It is a warning sign that depression will ensue unless the inner beings are satisfactorily engaged. For Victor this means studying philosophy, developing friendships, and finding balance in his life.

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“You’ll never get a job with a Liberal Arts degree”

Alphonse Frankenstein demanded his son, Victor Frankenstein, renounce his interests in music, philosophy, and alchemy and pursue studies of the hard sciences to acquire commercially useful knowledge. The unintended result of Victor’s education was the creation of a monster that committed murder and eventually led to Victor’s quasi-suicide as he chased his monster into the Arctic ice floes.

Demands of one’s father that get in the way of the son’s happiness and fulfillment in life is the father complex.

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The book, the man, or the monster


Boris Karloff, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, Re-membering FrankensteinWhat comes to mind? Is it the novel you had to read in high school?  Is it the bolt –through-the-neck monster portrayed by Boris Karloff with flattop hair long before the fifties fashion? Or do you recall the young scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who created the monster? For me it’s all three: a story, an image, and a man who are an apt template for the emotional inner strife that manifests in men.

My book, RE-MEMBERING FRANKENSTEIN, decodes the psychological metaphors that Mary Shelley captured in her novel. Everyman has an inner monster that represents his un-expressed psychic needs. Victor Frankenstein was driven to conquer death after the early death of his mother, Caroline Frankenstein. When she died of streptococcal sepsis, Victor was cut off from his mother’s emotional modulation of his immature feelings causing him desperately to seek the power to re-vitalize the dead leading to the creation of his monster. Psychologically Victor is stuck in his mother complex. A man stuck in his mother complex will try to please women or pursue them to become a surrogate to express the emotions a man cannot. Victor is unconscious that the life and death struggle is to keep his emotional life alive, the metaphoric story of his monster.

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Why Re-Member Frankenstein?

Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, Re-Membering Frankenstein, psychology, Jung, Jungian psychology, male psycheMen of modernity experience uneasiness (a dis-ease) of the soul that manifests in despair and meaninglessness from an inner angst. The corruption, greed, and evil in the outer world deepen the uneasiness. RE-MEMBERING FRANKENSTEIN, HEALING THE MONSTER IN EVERYMAN can help.

Victor Frankenstein’s monster is a psychological metaphor for the unlived parts of our soul that if left unattended generate inner despair and outer malevolence.

This book asks the questions that your inner psyche needs to address. Re-Membering Frankenstein helps free your inner demons and release the joy of an authentic conscious life.